Steering Advisory Council 2018-2019

The Steering Advisory Council (SAC), made up of leaders in the aerospace sector, advises and helps the College of Engineering and Purdue in exploring and creating opportunities in the aerospace enterprise that are timely and important at the national level, where academia, industry, and government can work together. This council is set up for the Dean of Engineering, and AAE is privileged to run the SAC on behalf of the dean. The SAC meets once a year. The current members of our SAC are listed below. We are extremely grateful to the efforts of our SAC members in serving the nation’s needs in the aerospace sector.

Mr. Tim Cahill 
Vice president • Air and Missile Defense
Lockheed Martin Missile and Fire Control
Tim Cahill
Ms. Natalie W. Crawford
Senior fellow • Distinguished Chair in Air & Space Policy
RAND Corporation
Natalie Crawford photo
Mr. C. Douglas Ebersole 
Vice president • Engineering for the T-X Program
Leonardo DRS
Douglas Ebersole
Mr. William H. Gerstenmaier 
Associate administrator • Human Exploration and Operations Directorate
William Gerstenmaier
Dr. Wesley L. Harris
C.S. Draper Professor Aeronautics & Astronautics
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Wes Harris
Ms. Amy Hess 
Executive assistant director • Criminal, Cyber, Response, & Services Branch
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Amy Hess
Lt. General Jack Hudson
Director • National Museum of the U.S. Air Force
U.S. Air Force
Jack Hudson
Mr. Jarrett Jones
Executive vice president • Customer Business, Government Relations and Sales Americas
Rolls-Royce North America
Jarrett Jones
Dr. Stephen Morford
Vice president • Core Systems Engineering
Pratt & Whitney
Tom Pieronek
Dr. Tom Pieronek
Vice president of basic research • NG Aerospace Systems
Northrop Grumman Corporation
Tom Pieronek
Mr. Todd Probert
Vice president • Mission Support-Modernization, Intelligence, Information and Services
Raytheon Company
Tom Pieronek
Dr. Alton D. Romig, Jr.
Executive officer
National Academy of Engineering
Lee Rhyant
Dr. Jaiwon Shin 
Associate administrator • Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate
Robert Strickler
Dr. Robert L. Strickler 
Retired • President
TRW ESS, Inc.; VP/GM • TRW EES; VP/GM • TRW S&M; GM • TRW ICBM Prime Integration
Robert Strickler
Dr. Matt Szolwinski 
Leader • Large Military Engineering
GE Aviation
Matt Szolwinski photo unavailable
Wayne Tygert
Vice President
The Boeing Company
Tom Vice
Mr. Thomas E. Vice 
President and CEO
Aerion Supersonic
Tom Vice
Dr. Sigmar Wittig
Professor • Karlsruh Institute of Technology
Member of the Board of Presidents • the Technical University System of the State of Niederachse — Association of Universities
of Hannover, Braunscheig, and Clausthal
Sigmar Wittig photo