When can I register?

Browse Registration Calendars to see complete schedules and deadlines for each term.

What if my course is full?

Undergraduate Students

You have two main options.

  • Add yourself to the waitlist if the course has one. Not all courses have waitlists. 
  • Submit a closed section override. Not all courses have closed section overrides. 

If neither a waitlist nor a closed section override is available, keep an eye on the course to see if space opens up.

Graduate Students

Look for registration information from the AAE Graduate Office in your email. If you have not received information, please reach out to the Graduate Office at

Non-AAE students

Non-AAE students who wish to enroll in a AAE course must submit an override request via the Scheduling Assistant/Unitime in MyPurdue during open registration. Any request submitted during the Pre-Registration window will be denied. Approval is not guaranteed and will be contingent upon space in the course amongst other factors. Students will be notified of approval or denial through the scheduling assistant during open registration.