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Engineering Leadership Team

Academic leadership is an expectation of every faculty member and is a collective responsibility of each academic unit. However, Purdue's large and diverse engineering programs require coordination, focus and assessment. These key leadership needs are the responsibility of engineering's administrative leadership team; membership is composed of the dean's Cabinet, academic unit Heads, and the chairs of the Faculty Advisory Committee and the Junior Advisory Council. Supporting and serving faculty, staff and students is an expectation and commitment of this team; it seeks to be a catalyst that enables and accelerates innovation, positive change, and continuous improvement.

Office Directory
Academic Affairs
The Office of Academic Affairs oversees all activities including, but not limited to, faculty hiring and retention, faculty promotion and tenure, faculty and staff recognition, and other faculty and staff issues. Office Directory
Data Analysis and Information
Provide the Cabinet with decision support capabilities through standardizing data collection, storage and reporting at the college level. Office Directory
Engineering Advancement
Supports the mission of Purdue engineering by facilitating annual contributions, endowed gifts, planned gifts, corporate gifts, and pledges. Office Directory
Financial Affairs
Responsible for budget analysis (with RPM); provides information about College and University resources and procedures for engineering faculty and staff. Office Directory
Graduate Education and Interdisciplinary Programs
Responsibility areas of this office include: All Graduate Engineering Programs, Graduate Fellowships, and Interdisciplinary Programs. Office Directory
Information Technology
Provides direction for information technology to the College of Engineering in support of Purdue Engineering's strategic goals. Office Directory
Coordinates research initiatives, centers, labs and facilities within the College of Engineering, and provides assistance with intellectual property, patents, and commercialization. Office Directory
Resource Planning and Management
Responsible for budget analysis and financial management (with Financial Affairs Office); data analysis and reporting; external survey management; facilities planning and management; safety and emergency planning; and staff and human resources management. Office Directory
Strategic Planning and Assessment
Supports the process of defining, communicating, assessing, and reporting the results of the Purdue Engineering Strategic Plan. Office Directory
Support Services
Supervises administrative assistants and assists with the planning of support resources (with RPM). Office Directory
Undergraduate Education
In charge of all undergraduate engineering programs: Cooperative Education Program, Engineering Projects in Community Service, (EPICS), Minority Engineering Program, Undergraduate Engineering Recruitment, Undergraduate Scholarships, and the Women in Engineering Program. Office Directory