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'Aglectric' Farming: A New Land-Sharing Strategy To Boost the Solar Economy

Professor Rakesh Agrawal, Director, Center for Sustainable Food, Energy and Water Systems (SFEWS), Purdue University, and Professor Mitch Tuinstra, Co-Director, SFEWS

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I2D Expo showcases student and faculty research with a global perspective

Purdue Global Engineering Programs and Partnerships (GEPP) held its fifth I2D (Innovation for International Development) Expo, the first under the new Shah Family Global Innovation Lab name, on March 28-29.

The event provides a forum for invited development professionals, students, faculty, and staff to share and learn from one another and create collaboration to further each others’ work to solve critical challenges in the international development area.

The Shah family visited many of the student-presented poster booths, and several of them stand out in their memory. In particular, Manu Shah highlighted research “related to mobile phone apps and computing power to solve chronic problems such as anemic conditions in women and children using non-invasive imaging. He also was impressed with presentations regarding “cholerae germs in water, detection of HIV at the point of care, digital tracking for maternal and child health, drinking water treatment, mobile care for children with autism, and solar drying of specialty crops” as having the potential to solve crucial global health challenges in the developing world.

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