Office of Academic Affairs Team

The Office of Academic Affairs oversees all activities including, but not limited to, faculty hiring and retention, dual career, faculty promotion and tenure, faculty and staff recognition, and other faculty and staff issues.

Arvind Raman
Senior Associate Dean of the Faculty, Robert V. Adams Professor in Mechanical Engineering, Professor of Materials Engineering (by Courtesy)

William Sondgerath
Assistant Dean for Staff and Director of Administration

Kelly Andronicos
Director, Faculty Recruitment and Concierge Program

Cristina Crozier
Assistant Director, Faculty Recruitment and Concierge Program

Manages the visa and immigration centralization and processing efforts for the college.

Miranda Fiscus
Visa and Immigration Coordinator

Provides support to the Concierge program and visa and immigration centralization efforts for the college.

Marsha Freeland
Director, Faculty Success Programs

Manages activities of the office, college wide faculty/staff award programs, faculty development and retention programs.

Maria Longoria-Littleton
Asst Director, Faculty Success Programs

Jill Vigar
Lead Administrative Assistant

If you have questions or concerns as you’re settling into your new role in the College of Engineering—or anytime during your career at Purdue—we’re here to help. Just stop by our offices in the Neil Armstrong Hall of Engineering or reach out to us by phone, fax or email.

Office of Academic Affairs for Engineering
Neil Armstrong Hall of Engineering
701 West Stadium Ave
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2045

Phone: 765-494-5349
Fax: 765-496-1466