Dr. Thomas J. Sanders

Department Head, Electrical and Computer Engineering Department
Florida Institute of Technology

Thomas J. Sanders
An engineering education teaches one to solve practical problems using logical analysis and applied science. The modern engineering school must always strive to improve the quality of its teaching and to instill in the students a thirst for quality in everything they do.

Thomas J. Sanders received his BSEE from Purdue in 1964, his MSEE in 1966, and his PhD in 1969. During this time he also served as an instructor in the school. Upon completing his formal schooling, he joined Harris Semiconductor as a device engineer. By 1984 he had risen through the ranks to become vice president and chief scientist with responsibility for computer aided design, advanced processes, manufacturing technologies, and external research and development.

In 1989 Sanders left the corporate world to become the Harris Professor of Electrical Engineering at Florida Institute of Technology and is now head of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department in which he teaches. Sanders holds 11 patents and has published more than 30 articles. During much of 1989 he worked for the State University System in Florida coordinating and managing statewide university research programs in microelectronics and advanced materials. His areas of primary research interest include integrated circuit design for manufacturing methods and advanced microelectronics packaging.

He is a Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers and has chaired the Microelectronics and Materials Committee of the Florida High Technology and Industry Council. For his outstanding work, he has received many honors and awards. These include the GOMAC Best Paper Award in 1976 and Best Meritorious Paper Award in 1978. He was named a Purdue Distinguished Engineering Alumnus in 1985.