2001 Electrical and Computer Engineering Awards

The first Outstanding Electrical Engineer Awards were presented in October 1992. Today, out of approximately 20,000 ECE alumni, only 127 can claim that title. The accomplishments of these 127 individuals are as varied as their back-grounds and their interests. They have headed Fortune 500 companies and conducted experiments in space. They have broken technological barriers with their inventions and written the textbooks used by today’s engineering students. They have founded their own companies and provided venture capital for others. They have served their profession and their communities and had an impact on lives of people around the globe.
As we celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Outstanding Electrical Engineer Awards, the school is proud to spotlight the work of these Purdue alumni. Their contributions to engineering truly are shaping the future of our country and the world.

Kent Fuchs
Professor and Head
November 15, 2001