Faculty and Staff - Alphabetical

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Muhammad Ashraful Alam
49-45988 Office: DLR SRC Suite
Dionysios Aliprantis
Associate Professor
49-44434 Office: EE 146
Jan P. Allebach
Distinguished Professor
49-43535 Office: MSEE 350
Heather Anthrop
49-47053 Office: BRK 1006
Joerg Appenzeller
Named Professor
49-41076 Office: BRK 1027C
Mikhail Atallah
Courtesy Faculty - CS
49-46010 Office: LWSN
Aaron Ault
CWSA Research and Facilities Coordinator
Office: EE 252
David Azpell
Instrument Room Supervisor
49-43448 Office: EE 162
Saurabh Bagchi
49-43362 Office: EE 329
V. "Ragu" Balakrishnan
Head and Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
49-43539 Office: EE 122B
John Bartlett
49-49938 Office: BRK 1276
Kaethe Beck
Managing Director - VACCINE
49-40536 Office: POTR 224
Mark R. Bell
49-46412 Office: MSEE 336
Peter Bermel
Assistant Professor
49-67879 Office: BRK 2270
Elisa Bertino
Courtesy Professor (CS / CERIAS)
49-62399 Office: LWSN 2142G
Bharat Bhargava
Courtesy Faculty - CS
49-46013 Office: LWSN 2116F
Dorene Bick
Payroll Clerk V
49-43432 Office: EE 134
Alexandra Boltasseva
Associate Professor
49-40301 Office: BRK 1295
Joseph Bougher
Digital Systems Laboratory Engineer
49-46899 Office: EE 64B
Charles A. Bouman
Named Professor
49-40340 Office: MSEE 320
Mireille "Mimi" Boutin
Associate Professor
49-43538 Office: MSEE 342
Debra Bowman
Graduate Admissions
49-43392 Office: EE 135
Cordelia Brown
Assistant Professor
49-41743 Office: EE 326A
Darcy Bullock
Courtesy Faculty - CE
49-42226 Office: CIVL 4152
Linda Campbell
Secretary/Area Clerical Supervisor
49-46442 Office: EE 145
Michael A. Capano
49-43563 Office: BRK 2291
David Carmichael
Director of ECN/IT
49-43546 Office: MSEE 150E
William J. Chappell
49-46225 Office: MSEE 268
Chin-Lin Chen
Professor Emeritus
Office: EE 348G
Yong Chen
Associate Professor
49-40947 Office: BRK 2262 and PHYS 74
Zhihong Chen
Associate Professor
49-40772 Office: BRK 1299
George Chiu
Courtesy Faculty - ME
49-42688 Office: ME ME Rm3061C and HERL Rm79
Jason Clark
Adjunct Assistant Professor
49-43437 Office: EE 1289
Douglas Comer
Courtesy Faculty - CS
49-46009 Office: LWSN 1171
Mary Comer
Associate Professor
49-43486 Office: MSEE 332
Heather Connell
Engagement And Transition Manager - VACCINE
49-46886 Office: POTR 136C
James A. Cooper
Named Professor
49-43514 Office: BRK 2293
Nancy Cope
ECE Illustrator
49-43552 Office: EE 241B
Terry Couts
49-62726 Office: MSEE 262
Bill Crabill
Mail/Asst. Bldg. Deputy
49-43350 Office: EE 241A
Melba Crawford
Courtesy Faculty - Agronomy
49-69355 Office: ARMS 2031
Supriyo Datta
Distinguished Professor
49-43511 Office: MSEE 356
Raymond A. Decarlo
49-43523 Office: MSEE 233A
Edward J. Delp
Distinguished Professor
49-41740 Office: MSEE 368
Rosemary Dennis
Research Account Specialist
49-43398 Office: EE 132
Steven Devault
Facility Manager
49-46677 Office: EE 241B
Dee Dee Dexter
49-43558 Office: MSEE 230
Harry Diamond
Research Engineer, Microelectronics
49-43483 Office: MSEE 268
Vladimir Drachev
Senior Research Scientist
49-63539 Office: BRK 1264
James Eaton
Adjunct Professor
Office: EE
David S. Ebert
Named Professor
49-49064 Office: MSEE 274
Rudolf Eigenmann
49-41741 Office: EE 325
Daniel S. Elliott
49-43442 Office: MSEE 258
Niklas Elmqvist
Assistant Professor
49-40364 Office: MSEE 270
Okan K. Ersoy
49-46162 Office: MSEE 346
Keinosuke Fukunaga
Professor Emeritus
Eric S. Furgason
49-43526 Office: EE 049
Saul B. Gelfand
49-43439 Office: MSEE 352
Arif Ghafoor
49-40638 Office: MSEE 236
Robert L. Givan
Associate Professor
49-49068 Office: EE 313C
Carol Glotzbach
Undergraduate Office Receptionist
49-43390 Office: EE 136
Matt Golden
Graduate Program Administrator
49-43374 Office: EE 135
Brock Goodrick
Business Manager
49-43397 Office: EE 133A
Jeffery L. Gray
Associate Professor
49-43390 Office: EE 136
Robert L. Gunshor
Professor Emeritus
George Hadley
Instructional Lab Coordinator
49-69618 Office: EE 252
Chuck Harrington
Machine Shop Supervisor
49-43338 Office: EE B66C
Jianghai Hu
Associate Professor
49-62395 Office: MSEE 220
Y. Charlie Hu
49-49143 Office: MSEE 226
Andy Hughes
Manager of Web and Multimedia Services
49-43547 Office: EE 266
Kevin Hurley
ECE Systems Engineer
49-44326 Office: MSEE 104C
Pedro Irazoqui
Associate Professor
49-66926 Office: MJIS 376-B
Leah H. Jamieson
Distinguished Professor/Dean of Engineering
49-45346 Office: ARMS 3000
David B. Janes
49-49263 Office: BRK 2268
Brent Jesiek
Assistant Professor
49-61531 Office: ARMS 1313
Dan Jiao
49-45240 Office: MSEE 224
Angela "Angi" Johnson
Account Clerk
49-43463 Office: EE 132
Dr. Mark Johnson
Director, Instructional Laboratories
49-40636 Office: EE 248
Byunghoo Jung
Associate Professor
49-42866 Office: MSEE 218
Karen Jurss
Administrative Assistant to the Head
49-43539 Office: EE 122C
Avinash C. Kak
49-43551 Office: EE 340
Rangasami L. Kashyap
Professor Emeritus
Alex Kildishev
Associate Research Professor
49-63196 Office: BRK 1264
Molly Kissinger
Engagement Coordinator
49-61922 Office: EE 122E
Gerhard Klimeck
Professor/Director of the NCN/c-PRIMED
49-49212 Office: BRK 1287C
Cheng-Kok Koh
Professor - Associate Head for Facilities and Planning
49-63683 Office: MSEE 254
Antti J. Koivo
Professor Emeritus
James V. Krogmeier
49-43530 Office: MSEE 338
Milind Kulkarni
Assistant Professor
49-41742 Office: EE 324A
David A. Landgrebe
Professor Emeritus
Joanne Lax
Communications Specialist
49-40621 Office: EE 250
Daniel Leaird
Research Engineer, Optics
49-43370 Office: MSEE 032SB
C. S. George Lee
49-41384 Office: MSEE 256
Mari Leffert
Payroll Account Assistant
49-45403 Office: EE 134
James S. Lehnert
49-42362 Office: MSEE 240
Cheryl Leuck
49-43532 Office: MSEE 330
Pen-Min Lin
Professor Emeritus
49-43553 Office: EE 342
Xiaojun Lin
Associate Professor
49-40626 Office: MSEE 340
John C. Lindenlaub
Professor Emeritus
49-43553 Office: EE 342
Zhongming Liu
Assistant Professor
49-61872 Office: MJIS 3086
David J. Love
49-66797 Office: MSEE 360
Yung-Hsiang Lu
Associate Professor
49-42668 Office: MSEE 222
Mark S. Lundstrom
Distinguished Professor
49-43515 Office: DLR NCN Suite
Michael Manfra
Named Professor
49-43016 Office: Physics 84
Andrea McIntyre
Director of Development
49-49945 Office: EE 116
Henry Medeiros
Research Associate
49-40616 Office: EE 176
Kelly Meding
Payroll Account Clerk
49-45648 Office: EE 134
Michael R. Melloch
Professor/Associate Head
49-43528 Office: EE 122D
David G. Meyer
49-43476 Office: MSEE 238
Samuel P. Midkiff
49-43440 Office: EE 310
Bonnie Misner
49-43554 Office: MSEE 330
Saeed Mohammadi
Associate Professor
49-43557 Office: BRK 2264
Dallas Morisette
Adjunct Professor
80-72873 Office: BRK 1272
Kim Muldoon
Development Admin Assistant
49-43441 Office: EE 116
Evgenii Narimanov
49-41622 Office: Birck 1293
Kelsie Newberry
Account Clerk
49-66448 Office: EE 132
Dmitri Nikonov
Adjunct Associate Professor
Office: EE
John A. Nyenhuis
49-43524 Office: EE 264
ECE Computing Hotline 44326
Lawrence L. Ogborn
Professor Emeritus
49-43553 Office: EE 342
Chee-Mun Ong
49-66162 Office: EE 135
Zheng Ouyang
Courtesy Faculty - BME
49-42214 Office: MJIS
Vijay Pai
Associate Professor
49-66610 Office: EE 324B
Johnny Park
Research Assistant Professor
49-42382 Office: EE 254
Steven D. Pekarek
49-43434 Office: EE 148
Borja Peleato-Inarrea
Visiting Assistant Professor
49-63717 Office: EE 330
Dimitrios Peroulis
49-43491 Office: BRK 2266
Robert F. Pierret
Professor Emeritus of Electrical and Computer Engineering
49-43507 Office: EE 312
Zygmunt Pizlo
Courtesy Faculty - Psyc
49-46930 Office: PSYC
Ilya Pollak
Associate Professor
49-45916 Office: MSEE 334
Irith Pomeranz
49-43357 Office: MSEE 234
Minghao Qi
Associate Professor
49-43646 Office: BRK 1297
Cynthia Quillen
Academic Advisor
49-43391 Office: EE 136
Anand Raghunathan
49-43470 Office: MSEE 348
Vijay Raghunathan
Associate Professor
49-47392 Office: EE 322B
Angela Rainwater
Senior Academic Advisor
49-67815 Office: EE 136
Karthik Ramani
Courtesy Faculty - ME
49-45725 Office: ME
Muralidhar Rangaswamy
Adjunct Professor
Sanjay Rao
Associate Professor
49-43399 Office: EE 322A
Barrett Robinson
Adjunct Professor
49-43560 Office: EE 151
Victoria Rogers
Account Clerk
49-43382 Office: EE 132
Leonid Rokhinson
Courtesy Faculty - Physics
49-43014 Office: PHYS G-60
Kaushik Roy
Distinguished Professor
49-42361 Office: MSEE 232
Ann Rundell
Courtesy Faculty - BME
49-67953 Office: MJIS
Maryam Saeedifard
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Timothy D. Sands
Professor of ECE, MatE, Exec. V.P. for Academic Affairs and Provost
49-49709 Office: HOVD Room 100
Richard J. Schwartz
Dean Emeritus and Professor Emeritus
49-40619 Office: BRK 1021
Ali Shakouri
Named Director Birck Nano Ctr/Prof ECE
49-66105 Office: BRK 1027C
Vladimir M. Shalaev
Distinguished Professor
49-49855 Office: BRK 2295
Austin Shelley
Professor Emeritus
Office: IAF
Ness Shroff
Adjunct Professor
Office: EE
Brian Silotto
Senior Director of Development
49-66453 Office: EE 116
Leroy Silva
Professor Emeritus
Mihal Sinani
Man. Eng. & Process Dev. Mgr
Office: BRK 1076
Jeffrey M. Siskind
Associate Professor
49-63197 Office: EE 313E
M.J.T. Smith
Birck Professor of ECE and Dean of the Graduate School
49-42604 Office: YONG 168
Eugene H. Spafford
Courtesy Professor (Computer Science / Philosophy)
49-47825 Office: REC 216-C
Deborah Starewich
49-43540 Office: EE 122
Lynn Stevenson
Candidate Coordinator
49-43389 Office: EE 337
Scott D. Sudhoff
49-43246 Office: EE 150
Dr. Matthew Swabey
Deputy Director, Instructional Laboratories
49-42545 Office: EE 246
Philip H. Swain
Professor Emeritus
Robert Swanson
Research Engineer
49-43130 Office: EE 268
Thomas M. Talavage
49-45475 Office: MSEE 362
Hong Z. Tan
49-46416 Office: MSEE 272
Hannis W. Thompson
Professor Emeritus
49-43553 Office: EE 342
Wanitta Thompson
Secretary IV
49-46389 Office: EE 326B
Mithuna S. Thottethodi
Associate Professor
49-66787 Office: EE 327
Carrie Underwood
Administrative Assistant - VACCINE
49-42216 Office: POTR VACCINE
T. N. Vijaykumar
49-40592 Office: EE 320
Michelle Wagner
Registration Secretary
49-66162 Office: EE 135
Chih-Chun Wang
Associate Professor
49-45568 Office: MSEE 354
Yuxiang Wang
International Student Support Coordinator
49-40620 Office: EE 331B
Oleg Wasynczuk
49-43475 Office: EE 144
Kevin J. Webb
49-43373 Office: EE 314
Theresa Weilbaker
Research Account Specialist
49-43433 Office: EE 132
Andrew M. Weiner
Distinguished Professor
49-45574 Office: MSEE 264
Lora Wilson
Academic Advisor
49-43513 Office: EE 136
George R. Wodicka
Professor/Head of Biomedical Engineering
49-42998 Office: MJIS 3003B
Jerry Woodall
Adjunct Professor
Office: EE
Xianfan Xu
Courtesy Faculty - ME
49-45639 Office: ME
Peide "Peter" Ye
49-47611 Office: BRK 1291
Stanislaw H. Zak
49-46443 Office: MSEE 233B
Babak Ziaie
49-40725 Office: BRK 2023
Carla Zoltowski
49-43559 Office: ARMS ARMS 1209
Michael D. Zoltowski
Named Professor
49-43512 Office: MSEE 318