Labs and Facilities

Adaptive Radio Electronics and Sensors (ARES)
Alternative Energy Grid Integration and Systems Laboratory
Applied Ultrasonics Laboratory
Assistive Robotics Technology Laboratory (ARTLab)
Biomedical Acoustics Research Laboratory (BARLab)
Birck Nanotechnology Center
Center for Electronic Defense Systems (CEDS)
Center for Implantable Devices
Center for Wireless Systems and Applications
Chen Lab Birck Nanotechnology Center
Circuits and Systems Laboratory
Coherent and Quantum Optics Laboratory
Collaborative Computing Labs
Communication Research Laboratory (CRLAB)
Dependable Computing Systems Laboratory
Digital Systems Senior Design Project Laboratory
Distributed Multimedia Systems Laboratory
Distributed Systems and Networking Lab (DSNL)
Electric Vehicle Systems Laboratory Research Labs
Electronic Imaging Systems Laboratory
Embedded Systems Laboratory (ESL)
Energy Storage and Material Characterization Laboratory
Energy Systems Simulation Laboratory
Global Engineering Education Collaboratory (GEEC)
Grainger Energy Conversion and Microgrid Laboratory
Grainger Power Magnetics Fabrication Laboratory
Haptic Interface Research Laboratory (HIRL)
Hybrid Integrated Quantum Photonics (HiQP)
HybridMEMS Lab
High-Efficiency, Low-Power Systems (HELPS)
High Speed Machines Laboratory
Information Infrastructure Security Research Laboratory
Integrated Circuits & Devices Lab
Integrated Systems Laboratory (ISL)
Internet Systems Laboratory (ISL)
Introduction to Digital System Design Laboratory
III-V Molecular Beam Epitaxy Laboratory
Lab of Integrated Imaging System
Microprocessor Systems and Interfacing Laboratory
Microwave Laboratory
Nanoelectronics at Appenzeller Laboratory
Nanoelectronics Research Laboratory (NRL)
Naval Combat Survivability Testbed (NCST)
Network for Computational Nanotechnology (NCN)
On-Chip Electromagnetics
Optical and Digital Information Processing Laboratory
Parallel Distributed Processing Laboratory
Photoluminescence and Hall Effect Characterization Laboratory
Photonics and Spectroscopy Laboratory (PSL) Facilities
Power and Energy Design Laboratory
Purdue Multimedia Testbed
Purdue University Regional Visualization and Analytics Center (PURVAC)
Relations group
Robot-Vision Laboratory
Silicon Carbide Epigrowth Laboratory
Special Projects Laboratory
Spectral Imaging Systems Laboratory
Spread Spectrum and Satellite Communications Research Laboratory (S3CRL)
Statistical Signal and Information Processing Lab (SSIP)
Ultrafast Optics and Fiber Communications Laboratory
Video and Image Processing Laboratory (VIPER)
Video and Image Systems Engineering (VISE)
Visual Analytics for Comman, Control. and Interoperability Environments (VACCINE)
The Nanoelectronic Modeling Group
Ziaie Biomedical Microdevices Laboratory