2003 Electrical and Computer Engineering Awards

We are delighted to introduce the 2003 class of Outstanding Electrical and Computer Engineers. From a shared beginning at ECE to their exceptional contributions across the discipline and across the globe, these explorers took the road less traveled and made the journey their own. We are proud to consider them ambassadors of the great tradition of Purdue Engineering. Here students discover a world of endless possibilities and go forth to engineer their own destinies.

Linda P. B. Katehi
John A. Edwardson Dean of Engineering

Each year a handful of ECE alumni emerge from a vast field of over 20,000 professionals to gain our notice. For their pioneering professional achievements, service to humanity, and for reaching beyond boundaries, these individuals deserve our recognition and praise. Today, we bestow them with the school’s highest honor, the Outstanding Electrical and Computer Engineer Award. Only 141 distinguished alumni can claim membership into this elite class. Please join me in welcoming another exemplary eight.

Mark J. T. Smith
Michael J. and Katherine R. Birck Professor
Head of Electrical and Computer Engineering

September 25, 2003

Our special thanks to the ECE Faculty Awards Committee:
Jan P. Allebach, chair
Supriyo Datta
Edward J. Delp
Avi C. Kak
C. S. George Lee
Chee-Mun Ong
Kaushik Roy