1998 Electrical & Computer Engineering Awards

In an era when electrical and computer engineering has an ever-increasing impact on daily life, it is especially appropriate to recognize the contributions made by our alumni to the profession we share. As we work on a personal computer or make a 911 call, use the Internet or a power tool, we are using techniques and devices developed by our 1998 Outstanding Electrical Engineer Award recipients.

Purdue University is dedicated to education, research, and service. As you will learn from the short biographies, our outstanding engineers have reflected those same priorities as they shared their education and experience with others in this country and abroad, advanced the technologies of their industry, and contributed to their communities. In so doing they have brought honor upon themselves and, indirectly, upon the university where they studied. Purdue University is proud to claim them as alumni and honor them as Outstanding Electrical Engineers.

Kent Fuchs

Professor and Head
October 1998