2020 Outstanding Electrical & Computer Engineers

The Outstanding Electrical and Computer Engineering (OECE) awards celebration - recognizing the achievements of alumni and faculty - is a highlight event each year. We acknowledge past successes and look forward to continued growth in terms of the size and strength of ECE as evidenced by a number of performance metrics including leadership in research and education.

james anderson

James Anderson

President and CEO
Lattice Semiconductor Corporation
MSEE 1997

farhan baqai

Farhan Baqai

Senior Research Manager
MSEE 1997, PhD 2000

matt booty

Matt Booty

Corporate Vice President
Head of Xbox Game Studios
BSCEE 1988

mamoon hamid

Mamoon Hamid

Managing Member and General Partner 
Kleiner Perkins
BSEE 1997

boon-lock yeo

Boon-Lock Yeo

Vice President of Engineering
BSCEE 1992

minerva yeung

Minerva Yeung

Entrepreneur and Investor
BSEE 1992