Research: Expanding the boundaries of science and technology

Few colleges can match the depth and breadth of Purdue Engineering’s research capabilities and talent. We are focused on 21st century impact — leading the way in reshaping the research universe through discovery and innovation.

The School of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) has a rich history of research and education that dates back to 1888. Many landmark innovations in radiotelephony, television, and electric power were developed by Purdue faculty - innovations that have helped shape the modern world. In that same tradition of research excellence, our ECE faculty continues to pioneer new technical frontiers. With more than 80 of the nation's finest researchers, ECE faculty and students have published hundreds of papers during the year in top quality journals and conference proceedings.

The Physical: Electrical Engineering

The Virtual: Computer & Information Systems Engineering

Preeminent Teams

One way Purdue Engineering is shaping the future of research is through preeminent teams. Complementing traditional hiring in the disciplines, we are hiring faculty and providing support to build preeminent teams in research areas with the greatest potential for world-changing impact. Building “preeminent teams” is a research-centric approach to faculty hiring that asks: What would it take to catapult your high-impact research area to international preeminence? 

Of the 10 preeminent teams, five are led by ECE faculty: 

Implantable Devices (Pedro Irazoqui)
Quantum Photonics (Vlad Shalaev)
Efficient Spectrum Usage (David Love)
Nanomanufacturing (Ali Shakouri)
Spintronics (Supriyo Datta)