Corporate Partners

It's time to take giant leaps together!

Purdue's School of Electrical and Computer Engineering recognizes that you, as a leader in industry, understand the importance of being involved in the career development of our next generation of brilliant students. Our School hosts some of the brightest, most innovative students in the world. Our undergraduates are at the center of one of the nation’s most prestigious programs and research initiatives, and with the help of our outstanding faculty they are taking giant leaps to provide solutions for the world’s most pressing challenges in engineering.

Purdue ECE’s Corporate Partners Program (CPP) is a relationship-building opportunity that offers participating companies exclusive access to new talent within our School. It has been established to connect companies directly with Purdue ECE students and student organizations in several different ways to provide exclusive recruiting opportunities. It is also designed to provide participating companies with the outlets they need to raise awareness for their brand on Purdue University’s campus.

Our corporate affiliates are given the support and flexibility to develop a company-specific strategy for student engagement.

  • Participating companies will have the ability to reach out directly to our ECE student body by advertising hiring opportunities through our Graduate and Undergraduate Offices as well as the Purdue Center for Career Opportunities.
  • Recruiting officers representing our member companies will be given facilitated access to Purdue ECE student organizations, including the Purdue chapter of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), the Purdue ECE Student Society (ECESS), and our very own Eta Kappa Nu honor society (HKN).
  • Our largest career fair, the Boilermaker Circuit, is an exclusive event Purdue ECE offers for our corporate partners. This annual event regularly sees well over 500 of our brightest undergraduate students eagerly apply for positions within our member companies, and it is a high-priority focal point for many of our participating members.
  • Additional recruiting opportunities are supported through no-cost access to InternX, a platform designed to help streamline the recruiting process for our corporate partners and our students.

Our Current Partners

Tier 1: Corporate Affiliate Membership ($5k/year)

  • Full access to ECE Boilermaker Circuit, and InternX virtual recruiting online platform
  • 3 recruiting events per academic semester
  • In-school promotions include releases of hard-copy documents, targeted student emails, and announcements via student office coordinators; job openings are posted internally

Tier 2: Executive Partner Membership ($10k/year)

  • Full access to ECE Boilermaker Circuit, InternX, and Spark Design Challenge
  • Unlimited number of events; events may include promotions and co-operation with Purdue University units and areas outside of ECE
  • In-school promotions from Tier 1 membership are extended to also include academic announcements, invitations to speak in seminars/classrooms, and SM posts for planned events and student opportunities
Alyssa Wilcox

Boilermaker Circuit

Companies are drawn to Purdue’s School of Electrical and Computer Engineering because of our reputation for training some of the best and brightest engineers in the field. We look forward to working with your company to create a strategy to meet your hiring goals.

The Boilermaker Circuit career fair is an exclusive opportunity for companies to connect one-on-one with electrical and computer engineering students in advance of the campus-wide Industrial Roundtable. Please note that participation is limited to members of the ECE Corporate Partners program.

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