Dr. William O. Mehuron

President and CEO
Mehuron Associates, Inc.

William O. Mehuron
I [was at] Purdue [during] a time of intense and exciting change in the electrical engineering field. We didn't have any textbooks because things were changing so fast. The professors depended on mimeographs to keep the courses current. [W]e were fortunate . . . because many of the professors were at the forefront of the changes themselves.

After graduating from Purdue, William O. Mehuron received master's and doctoral degrees from the University of Pennsylvania. He then worked for 15 years in private industry in systems engineering of command and control, intelligence, radar, and missile systems.

In the mid and late 1970s, Mehuron served with the U. S. Navy as technical director of naval intelligence and director of the Navy's research and development training. He served as director of research and engineering for the National Security Agency from 1981 to 1985, receiving the Distinguished Executive Rank Award and the NSA Exceptional Civilian Service Award in recognition of his accomplishments.

Mehuron returned to private industry in 1985 as a vice president for Daisy Systems Corporation and joined Unisys Corporation in 1988. In his position as vice president, Mehuron oversaw all aspects of the Unisys' business unit that addressed the defense and information security market. The division's products included secure/trusted high-performance networks and communications security systems.

Mehuron, a 1991 Purdue Distinguished Engineering Alumnus, operates a management and technology consulting practice based in the Washington area.