Mr. Karl Boyer McEachron, Jr.

Dean Emeritus, Case Institute
Case Western Reserve University

Karl Boyer McEachron, Jr.
Engineers can no longer be satisfied only with making better devices and systems. It is clear they must now be equally concerned with the economics and politics of what they have created.

Karl McEachron, who earned his BSEE from Purdue in 1937, has a unique history with the School of Electrical Engineering. McEachron's father received the first master's degree in electrical engineering ever awarded at Purdue and his father-in-law, G. C. Blalock, was a professor in the School.

Upon his own graduation, McEachron began a career with General Electric. While at GE, McEachron played a role in developing the wall refrigerator for the company. McEachron's career path began to change when he was selected to participate in an advanced engineering course. Upon completing the three-year course, he was appointed supervisor of the first-year course. In 1942, he became supervisor of the entire program. In 1946, he developed an advanced course in chemistry and metallurgy for the program; two years later, he was appointed manager of technical education at General Electric.

In June of 1955, McEachron accepted a position as dean of undergraduate studies at the Case Institute of Technology. In 1957 he was appointed to the position of dean of instruction; in 1964, he became vice-provost. In 1967, the Case Institute and Western Reserve University were merged and McEachron became dean of Case. From 1972 until 1974, he administered the admissions and financial aid division of the school; in 1974, he was appointed dean of undergraduate affairs. McEachron retired from his academic career in 1980.