Mr. William S. Kingsolver

Executive Vice President, retired
McGraw Edison Company

William S. Kingsolver
An engineering background provides the basis for a highly diverse career path. Engineering education should encompass not only in-depth technical studies but also a background in business, finance, and communications. As career progression occurs, the need to interact with large departmental organizations effectively requires a technical understanding of product design, research and development, capital investment and financial reward.

In 1948, William Kingsolver graduated from Purdue with a BS in electrical engineering. Accepting a job with the Wisconsin Power and Light Company in Madison, Wisconsin, Kingsolver remained with the company for five years and held a variety of technical positions during that time. In 1952, he accepted an offer from McGraw Edison Company and remained with the company for more than 30 years. During his tenure at McGraw Edison he served in departmental and general management positions. He rose to division president, was promoted to corporate senior management, and then became executive vice president of the company. In that position, Kingsolver was responsible for the power systems division, the bussman division, and the electrical and mechanical service division as well as research and development.

Kingsolver has received recognition for both his community work and his professional accomplishments. He currently is a director of the National Electrical Manufacturing Association and is a trustee for the Moore Regional Hospital Foundation. He was named a Purdue Distinguished Engineering Alumnus in 1981.