Dr. Thomas J. Engibous

Senior Vice President, Semiconductor Group
Texas Instruments

Thomas J. Engibous
Purdue University is one . . . institution capable of offering students an exceptional and progressive education in electrical engineering. The competitive pressure for new innovations and world class manufacturing will provide increased challenge for engineering curricula in the '90s.

Thomas Engibous completed his BSEE at Purdue in 1975 and his MSEE in 1976. In September of 1976, he began work for Texas Instruments (TI) as an integrated circuit design engineer specializing in high voltage circuits. Rising rapidly he was named design and development section manager for high voltage display circuits in 1979 and elected a senior member of the technical staff in 1980. He assumed responsibility for all linear integrated circuit business in 1986 and was elected semiconductor group vice president that same year.

Engibous assumed the position of applications specific products manager in March 1991 and became responsible for all work with microcontrollers, standard cell logic, digital and graphic signal processors, LAN processors, microprocessors, gate arrays, field programmable logic, and floating point processors. In April 1991 he was elected semiconductor group senior vice president, the position he holds today.

Engibous was named a Purdue Distinguished Engineering Alumnus in 1990.