Mr. Alan F. Culbertson

Culbertson Communications, Inc.

Alan F. Culbertson
Engineering is not for the faint-hearted. It requires tough choices and the ability to persevere in difficult projects in the face of discouragement. There is no such thing as retrogression in the practice of engineering; even the failures confer valuable lessons.

Alan F. Culbertson has devoted his professional life to the perfection of communications systems; his career path reflects the rapid changes within the industry. Culbertson worked on microwave and digital communications systems at AT&T and became vice president of GTE, Lenkurt, before founding Culbertson Industries, Inc. in 1971. In 1974, he sold his company to Cushman Industries and became vice president of the Culbertson Division. During 1976 and 1977, he worked for Northern Telecom, Ltd.; late in 1977, he returned to Culbertson Communications, Inc. He spent several years as a senior consultant for Arthur D. Little, Inc. and then became director of transmission development division for Fujitsu America, Inc. Now, once again, he heads Culbertson Communications, Inc.

Named a Purdue Distinguished Engineering Alumnus in 1973, Culbertson has been especially active with IEEE. He chaired the IEEE Committee on Communications and Information Policy, served on the IEEE Board of Directors, was president of the IEEE Communications Society in 1972-1973, and is currently a member of the IEEE Committee on U. S. Competitiveness.