Mr. Arthur E. Cooper

Pastoral Supply
Presbytery of St. Augustine

Arthur E. Cooper
. . . start off the races at the very beginning with your mind focused on your goals of excellence . . . I use the plural races because we have two races to run, one for our career and the other for God.

Since graduating from Purdue, Arthur Cooper has had three distinct careers in the diverse fields of electrical engineering, photography, and theology. Cooper completed his BSEE at Purdue in 1948 and his MSEE in 1950. Immediately following graduation, Cooper went to work for IBM where he became involved in the design and production of analog control systems for use in the B52 bomber. As technology developed, Cooper began work with digital systems used in the Titan missile, the Gemini Spacecraft, the Saturn moon rockets and later worked on the quad-redundant computer system used on the U. S. Space Shuttle.

After 29 years with IBM, Cooper began a new career by opening a photographic studio which he operated until 1983. During this time the emphasis in Cooper's life changed. Heeding a call to the pulpit, he enrolled at Luther Rice Seminary. In 1990, he completed his master's degree in divinity and is now continuing his studies toward his doctorate at the Seminary. Cooper presently serves as an auxiliary minister for the Presbytery of St. Augustine in Jacksonville, Florida.

Cooper is one of only six non-aeronautical engineers to receive the Outstanding Achievement Award from the American Institute of Aeronautical Engineering. Cooper has received the United States Public Service Award from NASA, and in 1965 was named a Purdue Distinguished Engineering Alumnus.