Mr. Robert S. Buzard

President and Chief Operating Officer
ElectroCom Automation Inc.

Robert S. Buzard

Robert S. Buzard has played a key role in the aerospace industry through both his technical contributions and his management talents. He is responsible for the conception and implementation of the AirTrans System at the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport, the only large-scale, completely automated system of its kind. Under Buzard's direction, the first U. S. military systems were developed which successfully integrated digital navigation and weapon systems with heads-up display. Buzard served as senior vice president of the Vought Corporation and later became president and chief operating officer of the Texas-based firm, ElectroCom Automation Inc.

Buzard completed his BSEE at Purdue in 1949 and his MSEE in 1956. He was a member of the Purdue Engineering Visiting Committee from 1981 until 1986 and was named a Purdue Distinguished Engineering Alumnus in 1980.