AERO: Aerodynamic research

AERO: Aerodynamic research team goal is to gain thorough knowledge of the state of the art in experimental aerodynamics research through publications and gain hardware skills for further discovery in an academic or industrial research laboratory.


Detailed Description

The state of the art in aerodynamics research in areas such as aeroelasticity, propulsion, turbomachinery, hypersonics, and/or drone capabilities will be explored.  Integral to thorough knowledge in these areas is the familiarity of operation and capabilities of facilities and instrumentation such as wind tunnels, pitot-static probe, hot-wire, optical instruments, PIV, and/or load cells.  Further, the ability to understand the measurements of these devices and how to process and interpret their data is necessary for characterizing discovery.


Relevant Technologies

  • aerodynamics
  • technical writing
  • instrumentation
  • Signal processing
  • Data acquisition