About VIP

The Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP) Program provides an opportunity for undergraduate students to earn academic credit while engaging in authentic and extended research and design projects related to active research areas of Purdue faculty members and national, international, and industry-sponsored design challenges. Students can participate on interdisciplinary and vertically-integrated teams (first-year through seniors) with faculty and graduate student mentors for multiple semesters to address these real-world research and design challenges.

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Spring 2020 Registration:

Effective Spring 2020, the courses in the VIP program will be only offered under their permanent ENGR course numbers:

  • ENGR 17912: First year participation in VIP for 2nd semester FYE VIP LC students
  • ENGR 17920: First year participation in VIP (primarily Data Mine LC students)
  • ENGR 27920: Sophomore participation in VIP
  • ENGR 37920: Junior participation in VIP
  • ENGR 47920: Senior participation in VIP
  • ENGR 47921: 1st semester Senior Design participation in VIP
  • ENGR 47922: 2nd semester Senior Design participation in VIP
    • ECE Senior Design students: The ENGR numbers have been approved by the ECE Curriculum committee to replace ECE 47900 for senior design.
  • In Honors? We plan to offer Honors Contract options this Spring for those who have prior participation in VIP. Email Prof. Carla Zoltowski (cbz at purdue dot edu) for more info.

Interested in mentoring a new VIP team?

Course Documents and other info:

Senior Design Project Documents:


  • Each team is structured uniquely to fit the individual projects. Check out the teams link.


  • Course numbers and CRN codes can be found here.

VIP Purdue Leadership Team:

  • Dr. Carla Zoltowski, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Director (cbz@purdue.edu)
  • Dr. Jan P. Allebach, Electrical and Computer Engineering (allebach@purdue.edu)
  • Dr. Yung-Hsiang Lu, Electrical and Computer Engineering (yunglu@ecn.purdue.edu)
  • Dr. Nichole Ramirez, Vertically Integrated Projects, Assistant Director (nramire@purdue.edu)

VIP Leadership Team

(L to R) Dr. Carla Zoltowski, Dr. Jan Allebach, Dr. Yung-Hsiang Lu

Dr. Nichole Ramirez