Registration for VIP is open to all undergraduates of any major. 
This page last updated 9/18/2023.

Registration for current Purdue students happens in two phases: Pre-Registration and Open Registration.

Preregistration will be handled through the VIP office and the Registrar prior to batch scheduling. Students and advisors will NOT add VIP to CRFs through Scheduling Assistant. Instead, your VIP section will be placed on your CRF for you so it can be optimized with your other courses, giving you the best chance of being assigned to the team that you prefer. In order to indicate the team you want to join for the upcoming semester, you will complete the when it is available starting September 18th. CRNs will be placed on your CRFs by November 16th.  During the batch process, we may reach out if there are scheduling issues that need to be resolved. Schedules will be published just prior to the beginning of open registration. 
Open Registration is done through myPurdue like all of your other courses with one significant difference: each section of VIP is a different team. Unlike most courses where the labs are all the same no matter what time they are scheduled, each lab section represents a different team. You can choose your team by finding the appropriate CRN via the CRN list in the section below entitled 'Open Registration: Scheduling Assistant Walkthrough'Please be aware that spaces may be limited during open registration due to the pre-registration process. It is advised that students follow the pre-registration process, especially continuing VIP students.


VIP registration is open to all majors.

Which course should you register for?

  • There are different course numbers for each year - you should register for the course number that corresponds to the level of courses you are taking in your major/program.  If you are classified higher in myPurdue, you can request a classification override.
  • There are different course numbers if you are taking VIP as part of the FYE VIP Learning Community pilot (taken with ENGR 13300) or Senior Design.   

VIP Course numbers (effective Spring 2021):

  • VIP 17911: First year participation in VIP for 1st semester FYE VIP LC students (offered in Fall)
  • VIP 17912: First year participation in VIP for 2nd semester FYE VIP LC students (offered in Spring)
  • VIP 17920: First year participation in VIP (primarily Data Mine LC students, although there are limited spots available in Spring semester)
  • VIP 27920: Sophomore participation in VIP
  • VIP 37920: Junior participation in VIP
  • VIP 47920: Senior participation in VIP
  • VIP 47921: 1st semester Senior Design participation in VIP
  • VIP 47922: 2nd semester Senior Design participation in VIP

The section matters! Please see Scheduling Assistant Walkthough instructions below.

  • Each VIP team is a different section of the courses above.  It is important that you register for the team that aligns with your interests. See the teams link to find more info and expectations of each of the teams. 
  • Each team will meet weekly. Some teams have an established meeting time as shown in myPurdue, and others will schedule the meeting based on member availability. In general, course conflicts with the team meeting time (lab section) will not be approved.
  • In addition to the team/lab meetings, each registered student is expected to participate in 10 Professional Development (PD) activities during the semester. The course-wide lecture meets weekly, and each week counts as one "PD credit"; therefore, you should plan to attend the lecture most weeks. However, there are other opportunities to earn credits, so please contact VIP if you have a conflict with the lecture. 
  • A table of the VIP teams, course numbers, and CRNS for the Spring 2022 teams can be found here

VIP must be taken for a letter grade. It cannot be taken P/NP.

How does VIP count?



Open Registration: Scheduling Assistant Walkthrough

  • A full list of the VIP teams, course numbers, and CRNS can be found on myPurdue > Lookup Classes > Select appropriate course number.






For VIP, incoming sophomores look up VIP 27920 to get the list of teams to select from. Select the check boxes for lecture and labs based on the instructions below -




View Schedule in MyPurdue

In  myPurdue, go to Registration > Look Up Classes


Using VIP 27920 as an example, this is how you find out the CRN for the lecture and the specific VIP team you are interested in joining. The process for VIP 37920 and VIP 47920 are similar. If, for example, you are interested in the 'Beyond 5G' as a sophomore, you would enroll in CRN 19896 for the team.




Each team has different CRNs for the sophomore, junior, and senior level courses, but the teams are linked (cross-listed). The team limit includes all of the cross-listed CRNS. In order to see how many spaces are available on the team, click the team CRN indicated by the arrow above.


Please note that although 1 of 6 spaces have been taken for the 27920 level course, overall the team has 4 of 6 spaces taken, so please make sure to view this detailed information to see if there is space remaining on a team for which you wish to register.