Program recommends students take advantage of the following resources to enrich their VIP experience.

VIP Minds Matter Webinar from March 2020:

 Click here to watch the full video of 'Minds Matter - Succeeding in an Online Enivornment' webinar. Slides available here.

List of Free Developer Resources Available to Students:

Reserving VIP Lab Rooms:

VIP lab meeting room can be reserved for VIP related team use. In other words you cannot hold study sessions with your friends. Reserving rooms can be done in person on the RoomWizard Device or using your Outlook Calender. The instructions below show more detailed explanation on how to reserve rooms. 

To reserve a room on your Outlook Calender first login to Outlook and select the calender icon on the bottom. 

After you have selected the calendar icon you can create an event on your Outlook Calendar. Change the name of the event and the date and time you wish to hold your meeting. Then select a location for your room. Type "EE 13" to reserve that room etc. 

The small meeting rooms are:

  • EE 13 (Large Room)
  • EE 13b (Medium Side Room)
  • EE 13b (Small 4 Person Side Room)
  • EE 13c (Small 4 Person Side Room)
  • EE 11 (Medium room with external door)

After you have selected a room, choose "Send".

In a few minutes you should receive an email confirmation that the room has been observed.

Finally to cancel an event you should delete it from your calender as follows.

Make sure to select "Send" to unreserve the room.