Intrinsically Stable and Scalable Perovskite Solar Cells

Interdisciplinary Areas: Power, Energy, and the Environment

Project Description

In the past few years, perovskite solar cell technology has made significant progresses with power conversion efficiency of 25% and operational lifetime over 1000 hours in lab scale. However, the real applications of these devices require new breakthroughs in device performance, large-scale manufacturing, and improved stability. Among these, stability and degradation are the most significant challenges for perovskite technologies. In this project, we propose a new paradigm to develop intrinsically robust perovskite active layers through the incorporation of multi-functional semiconducting conjugated ligands. We will demonstrate that semiconducting ligands can spontaneously organize within the active layer to passivate defects and restrict halide diffusion, resulting in dramatic improvements in moisture and oxygen tolerance, reduced phase segregation, and increased thermal stability. Combining a team with expertise spanning the gamut of materials synthesis, computational materials design, and device engineering, we propose to develop a suite of multi-functional semiconducting ligands capable of improving the intrinsic stability perovskite materials while preserving and even enhancing their electronic properties. Through this strategy, we aim to achieve over 25% cell efficiency with operational stability over 20 years (under accelerated tests) and 20% mini-module efficiency (100×100 mm2).

Start Date


Postdoc Qualifications

PhD in chemistry, physics, materials science, chemical engineering, electrical engineering or related fields. Hand-on experience with materials synthesis, thin film electronic device fabrication and characterization, and/or molecular modeling.


Letian Dou (
Jianguo Mei (
Brett Savoie (
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