COVID-19 presents profound medical, technological, social and economic challenges for humanity. Purdue Engineering’s Rising to the Challenge initiative stimulates engineering thought leadership, scholarship, innovation, education and action to address critical issues related to societal resilience in the face of shocks such as pandemics and other disasters and crises, both natural and human-made. As part of a great 21st century land grant institution, Purdue Engineering is rising to these challenges by addressing urgent needs and engineering longer-term solutions for a more robust and resilient future.

Engineering Rising to the Challenge responds to the U.S. National Academy of Engineering’s Call to Action on COVID-19, announced on April 7, 2020.

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American Society for Engineering Education webinar, with Purdue Professor of Engineering Education participating: “Emerging Insights on Navigating Remote Student Support”

2–3 pm ET
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University and Industry Leadership To Meet the Challenges of the COVID-19 Crisis and Beyond

4:50 pm ET With Jorge Haddock, President of University of Puerto Rico and Purdue IE alumnus; Rick Echevarria, VP at Intel and Purdue IE alumnus; and Juan Manuel de Bedout, VP for Aerospace Technology at Raytheon and Purdue ME alumnus

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