Distance Exam Process FAQs

Do all courses require an in-person proctor? 

No, the majority of our online courses administer their online exams virtually. However, there are some courses that require an in-person proctor. You can find if your course requires in-person proctors in your course Brightspace page. Courses that require in-person proctors vary by semester and are at the instructor’s discretion. 

How does my proctor receive my exam?

The exams are not emailed to your proctor. We will notify your proctor about a week in advance when your exam is available for download via a Secure Exam Portal. Your proctor will return exams to us by following the instructions provided to them in advance. 

What if my proctor did not receive my exam?

If there are any questions about receiving, administering, or returning your exams your proctor should contact our office directly at PurdueOnlineExams@purdue.edu or by calling (765) 494-7015 during business hours. 

Who is responsible for setting up my exam & paying any proctor fees?

The student is responsible for any proctor fees as well as following guidelines set forth by your approved exam site. 

What if my proctor is unable to administer my exam on the scheduled date? 

You need to identify an alternate proctor. The alternate proctor must meet the same standards as the original proctor.  

What if I am unable to take the exam on the scheduled date? 

If traveling, we recommend identifying a backup proctor so you can still take the exam on the scheduled date. Or, if that is not an option, you must contact your professor prior to the scheduled date and request to make alternate arrangements. Please copy PurdueOnlineExams@purdue.edu on any related correspondence. Please note that the professors have the right to refuse to allow students to take exams on alternate dates. 

What is the distance exam process?

  1. The professor gives us the original exam along with a coversheet that includes instructions such as time limits and what aids are or are not allowed. These are the instructions the proctor is to follow when administering the exam to you.
  2. We upload the exam to the secure proctor portal.
  3. We send an email notification to your proctor when the exam is available to download.
  4. The proctor administers the exam to the student according to the instructor's guidelines.
  5. Once the exam is administered, your proctor will scan the completed exam to a PDF file and upload into the secure proctor portal.
  6. We will review and release your exam to the professor for grading. If there are any issues, we will contact your proctor.