In the News: Research

From micro to macro: ME's Wei cooling data centers from the inside out

NEH grant promotes integration of humanities and engineering at Purdue

High-rise structure efficiency, completion time look different thanks to CE's SpeedCore composite modules

ECE's Datta, Bhave working on MURI grant projects

Tool created by ME's Beechem allows greater control, speed for semiconductor manufacture

$1.25 million DOE grant to develop zero-emissions infrastructure plans for the I-80 Midwest corridor

Supersonic water table from ME/AAE's Paniagua team enables rapid prototyping for turbines

Grant targets lack of air-quality data in swine production

Inside-outside temp differences power smart building IoT

CE's Bullock developed tool to give engineers real-time insight into highway traffic congestion issues

CE's Lu develops 'talking' concrete that could help prevent traffic jams and cut carbon emissions

CHE's Pol creates safer solid-state lithium-ion batteries from new composite materials

Vlachos, IU cardiologist collaborate to offer innovative tool and fresh hope for babies with heart defects

ME's Vlachos, IU cardiologist collaborate to offer innovative tool and fresh hope for babies with heart defects

CHE's Morgan collaborates with Purdue biologist to reveal complex cellular process inside petunias

CE's Velay-Lizancos helping construction material manufacturers reduce energy consumption, carbon footprint of heating and cooling homes

Truck-portable nuclear reactors go where the power is needed

Purdue, IU research teams awarded pilot funding through Engineering in Medicine collaboration

IE's She co-PI for $1M NSF, USDA grant

ChE's Dou records breakthrough in efficiency of perovskite LEDs

Mudawar's experiments to complete scientific understanding of how reduced gravity affects boiling and condensation

Digital twins: Smart manufacturing's DNA for a bright future

Robots get their sea legs

ECE's Weinstein repurposes transistors as microchip ‘clock' to address supply chain weakness

Two Engineering assistant professors secure Young Investigator Research Program grants

ME's Han using cancer cells as logic gates to determine what makes them move

ChE's Dou, team improve solar cell efficiency, stability

New high-tech startup developing smart contact lenses for glaucoma diagnosis and management

Shedding light on dark mode to save energy

AAE's Howell on USAF-funded team to track objects in space

Building infrastructure resilience in the face of community and societal disasters

Purdue-SRC partner in pursuit of advanced microelectronics, semiconductor workforce

Purdue, SRC partner to pursue advanced microelectronics, semiconductor workforce

ABE’s Chaterji receives $550,000 NSF CAREER grant for streaming analytics and IoT project

Picking the Molecular Lock to Recycle Plastic

Cislunar blueprint to propel space outreach for the next 50 years

Upskilling America to Restore Global Competitiveness

Purdue Is Engineering the Future of Life in Space

'Aglectric' Farming: A New Land-Sharing Strategy To Boost the Solar Economy

I2D Expo showcases student and faculty research with a global perspective

NASA picks Purdue for new institute researching space habitats

Chemical Engineering research to turn plastic waste into clean fuels

Manufacturing Design Laboratory celebrates opening at Purdue, marking new space to explore advanced manufacturing possibilities

Engineering’s Undergraduate Research Office to Open in January

Bringing 'space trash' safely back to Earth

Research on clots could make pancreatic cancer more treatable

Light-bending tech shrinks kilometers-long radiation system to millimeter scale

Purdue research: Heat, weekends play a role in Chicago summer shootings

Small new shoe sensor may be a driving force to help prevent injuries and improve athletic performance

MRI tool watches how electrical stimulation could cure digestive disorders

Purdue professor leads effort to increase cybersecurity for nuclear power plants

New material and manufacturing process use sun's heat for cheaper renewable electricity

Simple stickers may save lives and lower medical costs for families

Toward unhackable communication: Single particles of light could bring the 'quantum internet'

IE's Wachs interviewed by Inside Indiana Business about AR

Tech to prepare manufacturers, workers for the 'factory of the future'

Super cheap earth element to advance new battery tech to the industry

New 3D-printed cement paste gets stronger when it cracks - just like structures in nature

Better surgery: New glue developed at Purdue could make millions of medical procedures safer, less invasive for patients

Wearable 'microbrewery' saves human body from radiation damage

Howell featured in Bloomberg Businessweek