Signature Area Research

Preeminent Teams move Engineering research forward with new, broader scope

From 2003 to 2013, Purdue Engineering organized much of its faculty hiring and research around signature areas — multidisciplinary initiatives that cut across Purdue’s engineering and related disciplines. These signature areas have addressed, and continue to address, priorities and exciting opportunities for field-defining research, educational innovation, and intellectual property spin-offs.

Today, with the advent of four newly named Preeminent Teams, the signature-area model has evolved. While Preeminent Teams may be multidisciplinary, for example, it is not a requirement. What is required is that the team’s research be judged to hold real promise for preeminence,  potential to be game-changing, to be risk-taking when required, and very far-forward-looking. The Preeminent Teams chosen in competition this fall were selected because they have strong leadership; vision; promise for transformative impact; potential to contribute to education, innovation and entrepreneurship; offer opportunities for collaboration; build on existing strengths; and have at their heart the talent to move research forward in unique and challenging ways that could change the world.