Engineering Dean Linda Katehi

It's an honor to introduce the Outstanding Electrical and Computer Engineers for 2005. In the pages that follow you will meet several Purdue alumni—leaders who have taken discovery to thrilling heights through their rich expertise and innovation. Representing their alma mater with pride, these individuals have answered the call to advancing the engineering profession, improving society, and addressing the grand challenges our world encounters. We applaud each of these individuals as they receive the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering's highest award recognizing top professional achievement.

Linda P. B. Katehi
John A. Edwardson Dean of Engineering


ECE Head Mark Smith

As we establish the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering as a leader in originating new discoveries, we applaud the accomplishments of our Outstanding Electrical and Computer Engineers. The alumni we honor on this occasion represent Purdue at its best—leaders whose personal achievements within the engineering field demonstrate the immense impact of a Purdue education. We count it a privilege to honor these individuals, their professional careers, and their cutting-edge work. We also applaud the inspiration they provide for the engineers of tomorrow.

Mark J. T. Smith
Michael J. and Katherine R. Birck Professor and Head, Electrical and Computer Engineering