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What is InternX?

InternX gives your company the ability to engage with Purdue ECE students when and where it's convenient to you. Our platform gives you the ability to find exactly the students you're looking for with just a few clicks.

What can you do with InternX?

You can filter students by:

  • GPA
  • Major
  • Graduation Date
  • Work-Authorization
  • Student Organizations
  • And more!

You can share student profiles with hiring managers or engage with students directly by inviting them to your booth at the career fair.

In addition, companies participating in ECE's career fair will be able to select which students they'd like to meet with at the event using the InternX platform. Students know you're interested in them, and you know they're eligible candidates!

Best of all, our service is free if you're an ECE Corporate Partner!

Welcome to the new age of university recruiting.

Want to set up a demo? Have questions?

Phone: (847) 565-9114