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Plan of Study Information for BME PhD Graduate Students

Please read and be certain to understand the BME Academic Dishonesty Policy which is in effect for all BME graduate students.

Plan of Study Deadline: End of first spring semester for summer and fall starts; end of  first fall semester for spring starts

Plan of Study Academic Requirements

PhD Discussion and Formation Meeting Worksheet (Semester 1)
PhD POS Submission Meeting Worksheet (Semester 2)

-Up to 12 cr. hr. of MS or previous graduate coursework may be transferred to the PhD plan of study by petition to the BME Graduate Committee

MD/PhD Discussion and Formation Meeting Worksheet (Semester 1)
MD/PhD POS Submission Meeting Worksheet (Semester 2)

-Certain requirements are waived for MD/PhD students; use worksheet for guidance

90 credits total of coursework and research are required.

Plan of Study requirements: 

  • 26 minimum credit hours of graduate (500- & 600-level) course work
    • 26 is a minimum. The student's thesis committee may require additional courses.
    • At least 6 of these core competency credits must be from 600-level courses. Students are encouraged to take these courses on the West Lafayette campus. Exceptions would need to be brought to the Grad Committee for review and approval.
    • For the most part, only 3-credit 500- or 600-level courses count toward the 24 credit hour of core competency requirements. 1- or 2-credit courses are considered on case-by-case basis.
  • 6 cr. hr. BME
    • BME regulatory courses can not count in this area; only one can count in the other category.
  • 6 cr. hr. Quantitative / Analytical*
  • 6 cr. hr. Life Sciences*
  • 6 cr. hr. other Engineering* (this can include BME courses; only one regulatory course can count and only in this category)
  • Students must maintain a 3.0 GPA and must receive a B- or better in all courses on the plan of study

Additional Academic requirements (required but will not be on your plan of study):

  • 1 credit hour of graduate level ethics*
    • this requirement must be fulfilled within first year in PhD program 
  • 4  courses in Critical Literature Analysis linked with Seminar
    • 2 to be completed during the first year
    • 2 be completed at a later date
    • at least 1 of the CLA options will need to be outside of your research area
  • 48 - 64 research credits (variable; depends on number of courses taken)
  • Summer Seminar--you are required to present your research during the summer after your 2nd year in the PhD program.  You will not need to enroll in the course if you do not want to but you will be required to present.
  • Preliminary Exam
  • Final Exam

Course Options

Plan of Study Process and Advisory Committee

In your first semester:

  1. Discuss current and future courses with your faculty advisor
  2. Solidify faculty members to be on your Plan of Study Committee
    • Your plan of study committee will consist of 3 faculty members
    • You will need additional members with different guidelines for your prelim and defense 
  3. Complete the PhD Plan of Study Discussion and Formation Worksheet
    • ​Due October 1st for summer and fall starts
    • Due March 1st for spring starts

​In your second semester

  1. Convene a meeting of your plan of study committee;
  2. Present research progress, preliminary research focus, and proposed plan of study in 20 minutes or less at this meeting;
  3. Complete the Plan of Study Submission Meeting worksheet with signatures of all committee members
  4. Schedule a meeting with the Grad Office to discuss and submit your signed worksheet;
  5. Submit the approved POS online through myPurdue according to ePOS instructions.
    • Due spring 1 for summer and fall starts
    • Due fall 1 for spring starts

Plan of Study Useful Information

Career Path Guidance Documents

Curriculum Requirements for BTDR Program

Electronic Plan of Study (ePOS) Instructions

Transfer Courses

Modify Plan of Study

IUPUI Course Enrollment Instructions