Sample Courses in the Life Science Competency Area

An X in a research area column means that these courses are recommended for that area.

If you would like to use a course that is not on the list, you will need to fill out this form and turn it into your research area chair.

      Research Areas
Example of Acceptable Courses Course Name Typical Schedule EBB Imaging Instrumentation QCSE
BCHM 56100 General Biochemistry I Fall Semester        
BCHM 56200 General Biochemistry II Spring Semester   X    
BIOL 51600 Molecular Biol Cancer Spring Semester        
BIOL 52900 Bacterial Physiology Spring Semester        
BIOL 53700 Immunobiology Spring Semester        
BIOL 53800 Mol Cell & Deve Neuro Spring Semester        
BIOL 54100 Molec Genetics Of Bact Fall Semester        
BIOL 55900 Endocrinology Fall Semester        
BIOL 56200 Neural Systems Spring Semester        
BIOL 59200 Evolution Of Behavior Spring Semester (Every 2 years)        
BIOL 60200 Cellular Neurobiology Fall Semester        
BIOL 62000 Adv Top Euk Cell Biol Spring Semester        
BIOL 64700 Membrane Proteins Spring Semester        
BIOL 69500 (2 cr.) Microscopy for Life Sciences Spring Semester        
BME 55100 Tissue Engineering Fall Semester (Every 2 years)        
BME 59500 Neural Mech Health & Disease Spring Semester   X    
BME 59500 (BME 55600) Intro to Clinical Medicine  Fall Semester        
BME 59500 Surgery & Instrument Syst Neuro Not offered 2019 and beyond        
BME 59500 Regenerative Biol/Tiss Repair Fall Semester        
BME 69500 Biophysical Methods Spring Semester        
BME 69500 Cardiovascular BME & Imaging Spring Semester (Every 2 years)        
BME 69500 (BME 68300) Polymers Biomed&Pharm Systems Spring Semester        
BME 69500 Quantitative Systems Biology Fall Semester        
BMS 53400 (old course #) Systemic Mammalian Physiology Fall Semester         
BMS 60200 Domestic Animal Physiology Fall Semester        
BMS 81100 Systemic Mammalian Physiology Fall Semester        
CHM 53800 Molecular Biotech Spring Semester        
CHM 63200 Membrane: Struct/Fntn  Fall Semester        
CHM 63400 Biochem Struct Aspects Fall Semester        
CHM 64800 Bioinorganic Chemistry Fall Semester        
CHM 65100 Adv Organic Chemistry Fall Semester        
CHM 65200 Synthetic Organic Chem Spring Semester        
CHM 69600 BioNanotechnology Fall Semester        
CHM 69600 Chemical Biology Spring Semester (May not be offered again)        
CS 59000 Computing for Life Science Fall Semester        
G736 (IUPUI) Endocrine & GI Function (1 cr.) Spring Semester        
G805 (IUPUI) Diabetes & Obesity (2 cr.) Fall Semester        
HSCI 56000 Toxicology Fall Semester        
IPPH 58300 Adv Biopharmaceutics Spring Semester        
NUTR 59000 Basic Bone Biology Every two years        
PSY 60300 Psychopharmacology Every three years        
SLHS 51900 (SLHS 50400) The Auditory Periphery  Fall Semester        
SLHS 51900 (SLHS 50600) Foundations in Auditory Neural Processing Fall Semester