Download PDF of Modify Your Plan of Study

Modify Your Plan of Study

Occasionally students find it necessary to change some aspect of their POS. For example, a student may be unable to enroll in a course listed on the POS because of a schedule conflict or course cancelation. In other cases, the student's program emphasis or professional interests may change. In this case, some of the listed courses are no longer appropriate. Sometimes, it may be necessary to change the members of the advisory committee. You should discuss all changes to your plan of study with your research advisor before submitting an electronic change form. 

Step by Step Instructions

1. Log onto MyPurdue, then:

  • Click on the Academics tab
  • Click on "Plan of Study Generator"

2. This will bring you to the Purdue University Graduate School "Plan of Study Generator" main page -- several linked options will be available choose the highlighted one below:

  • Create a new plan of study
  • Update a saved plan of study or submitted as draft
  • Display submitted forms (both plan of study and changes to plan of study)
  • Create or update a change request for current approved plan of study
  • Modify a rejected plan of study and resubmit

3. Under Change Course Information choose "replace a course on your plan of study."

4. Fill out the appropriate information. For each added course, indicate the core competency area it fits

5. Submit as Draft. The Graduate Office will be notified via e-mail and will then notify you if any corrections are needed, and when to submit as Final.

6. Submit as Final when instructed.