Young Kim receives grant to support work using silk to enhance nanomaterials 

Recent publication: Alexa A. Yrineo, Amelia R. Adelsperger, Abigail C. Durkes, Matthew R. Distasi, Sherry L. Voytik-Harbin, Michael P. Murphy, and Craig Goergen , "Murine ultrasound-guided transabdominal para-aortic injections of self-assembling type I collagen oligomers," Journal of Controlled Release (2017).

Recent publication: Gurneet S. Sangha, Evan H. Phillips, and Craig J. Goergen, "In vivo photoacoustic lipid imaging in mice using the second near-infrared window," Biomed. Opt. Express 8, 736-742 (2017).

Recent publication: Chi Zhang, Kai-Chih Huang, Bartek Rajwa, Junjie Li, Shiqi Yang, Haonan Lin, Chien-sheng Liao, Gregory Eakins, Shihuan Kuang, Valery Patsekin, J. Paul Robinson, and Ji-Xin Cheng, "Stimulated Raman scattering flow cytometry for label-free single-particle analysis," Optica 4, 103-109 (2017).

Shelley Claridge, assistant professor of biomedical engineering and chemistry, has been named a 2016 DuPont Young Professor.

Lipid metabolism is a potential 'Achilles' heel' for cancer stem cells.

Diana O. Svaldi (Thomas Talavage, advisor) graduated in December 2016.

Chien-Sheng Liao (Advisor: Ji-Xin Cheng) and Gurneet Sangha (Advisor: Craig Goergen) received Ronald W. Dollens Scholarships for 2016-17.

Fang Huang, an assistant professor of biomedical engineering, wins $1.8M NIH and $500k DARPA awards to advance super-resolution imaging.

Shelley Claridge, an assistant professor of biomedical engineering and chemistry, has been inducted into the Purdue University Teaching Academy

Lauren Marussich (Advisor: Zhongming Liu) receives Fearnot-Laufman-Greatbatch Award.


Incorporation of novel imaging approaches has improved diagnosis, characterization, and treatment of diseases. The imaging area is focused on developing techniques and applications in a broad variety of imaging domains, including microscopic, ultrasound, tomographic, and magnetic resonance imaging.

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