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Leem, J. W., Park, J., Kim, S., Kim, S., Choi,S.H., Choi, K. and Kim, Y. L. (2018), Fluorescent Proteins: Green‐Light‐Activated Photoreaction via Genetic Hybridization of Far‐Red Fluorescent Protein and Silk (Adv. Sci. 6/2018). Adv. Sci., 5: 1870033. doi:10.1002/advs.201870033
Amelia Adelsperger, Evan Phillips, and Craig Goergen co-authored Development and growth trends in angiotensin II-induced murine dissecting abdominal aortic aneurysms. 01 April 2018.
Goergen receives ‘Grand Challenges Explorations’ grant for project to help expecting mothers.
Four graduate students advised by Zhongming Liu win highly-competitive awards from international societies.

Incorporation of novel imaging approaches has improved diagnosis, characterization, and treatment of diseases. The imaging area is focused on developing techniques and applications in a broad variety of imaging domains, including microscopic, ultrasound, tomographic, and magnetic resonance imaging.

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