Welcome Kevin Otto, Dane A. Miller Head of the Weldon School of Biomedical Engineering

We are Biomedical Engineers (BME). We innovate medical devices, advanced therapeutics and better healthcare diagnostics and delivery systems. We apply technical skills in engineering design and biological science to challenges in healthcare. At Purdue, we create exciting new spaces for experiential learning, clinical collaborations and discovery with global impact.

We are proud of our emphasis on learning experiences beyond the classrooms; our academic roadmap tailored to your interests; our award-winning faculty and staff mentors; our strong career placement support and our friendly collaborative environment. 

We have relationships with a variety of industry partners that offer co-ops and internships to our students. These work experiences prepare our students to become engineers and, in turn, acquaint our industry partners with potential candidates for future hires.

We encourage study-abroad programs that enable students to have a global experience without interrupting their plan of study. The rigor of the engineering coursework required enables students to benefit from the cultural exchange and still graduate on time.

The Senior Design experience prepares students to join forces with people of diverse backgrounds and expertise to find solutions to biomedical problems. Seniors work in teams that comprise industry partners, clinicians, faculty members and their peers—who may be studying a different engineering discipline.

Students engage in over 2,000 research projects each year at Purdue. At the Weldon School, 75% of students conduct research with faculty members.

The Weldon School family is friendly and supportive. Through work, study or play, mentoring is an intentional component built into everything we do. In every class, co-op, extracurricular activity and service project we have fun while building professional, academic and research skills—as well as lifelong friendships that lead to professional connections.

We are the Weldon School of Biomedical Engineering—two campuses, one Purdue University. 

Boiler Up!

Kevin Otto
Dane A. Miller Head and Professor
Weldon School of Biomedical Engineering
West Lafayette and Indianapolis