Ph.D. Degree Milestones

A series of requirements and milestones have been developed to facilitate the training of our PhD students on their pathway to becoming independent researchers in biomedical engineering (i.e., able to critically analyze the literature to identify gaps in a biomedical area, design experiments to address these gaps, develop and/or use technology to perform these experiments, and critically analyze, interpret, and disseminate their own data to move the field forward in translationally relevant ways). These skills define a Purdue PhD in Biomedical Engineering and place our students in a position to succeed and become leaders in many possible career paths (e.g., academia, industry, clinical, global health).

These requirements and milestones serve the dual purpose of facilitating the best individualized training for our students while maintaining the rigor of a BME PhD degree. This brief document provides students and faculty with an overview of the rationale, logistics, and expectations for these requirements, and provides a list of departmental resources available to assist students in their training. Students and faculty can find further details on the BME Graduate Program webpages at: