Newly Admitted Graduate Students

For First Semester Registration Information
If You Have Been Awarded a Fellowships or Assistantship
Orientation and Other First Week Events

Additional mandatory orientation sessions for International Students:

Information for international students admitted for the fall semester can be found at ISS Pre-arrival information. Mandatory ISS check-in and orientation sessions will be scheduled sometime in August, and these are separate from the BME orientation. Specific dates for these events will be posted once they are scheduled. At the ISS website, please also refer to the Guide for Purdue Students which provides a wealth of information about the local community, housing, shopping, banking institutions, etc.

In addition to other documents listed on the ISS website, you MUST bring a copy of your financial offer letter that shows your employment (RA or TA appointment) with BME. This document is required for you to obtain your Social Security Number (SSN) during the ISS check-in and orientation session. Possession of a SSN is mandatory in order for your pay to be processed with the BME business office during the BME orientation the following week.

Tips for Graduate Living

A great resource for graduate students is "Tips for Graduate Living". This document is published by our Purdue Graduate Student Government (PGSG) and contains helpful tips about surviving graduate study, as well as practical information about the Lafayette area. This document and other useful resources can be found at Graduate School Resources.

Other Program Information

Our web site contains several documents to help you in planning your graduate studies.

Other Helpful Links

We look forward to seeing you in August. If the BME Graduate Office can help in any way in the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact us: