Sample Courses in the Biomedical Engineering Competency Area

An X in a research area column means that these courses are recommended for that area.
If you would like to use a course that is not on the list, you will need to fill out this form and turn it into your research area chair.
      Research Areas
Example of Acceptable Courses Course Name Typical Schedule EBB Imaging Instrumentation QCSE
BME 50100 (59500) Biostatistics Fall        
BME 51100 (59500) Biomedical Signal Processing Fall        
BME 52100/ABE 52100 Biosnrs: Fndmtls & App Fall (Every 3 years)        
BME 52800/ECE 52800 Meas & Stimul Nerv Sys Spring (Every 2 years)        
BME 55100 Tissue Engineering Fall or Spring (every 2 years)        
BME 58100/ECE 52600 Fund MEMS&Micr Int Sys Fall         
BME 59500 Continuum Models Biomed Engr Fall        
BME 59500 Med Img & Diagnostic Tech Fall        
BME 59500 Bioelectronics Spring        
BME 59500 Biophotonics Spring        
BME 59500 Eng Princ Biomolec Interactns Spring (every 2 years)        
BME 59599 Light Tissue Interaction Spring        
BME 59500 Surgery & Instrumnt Syst Neuro Fall         
BME 59500 Deep Learning Fall        
BME 59500 Cell & Tissue Mechanics Spring        
BME 59500/ME 57700 Human Motion Kinetics Spring (every 2 years)        
BME 59500 Functional Neuroimaging Spring        
BME 59500 Point Of Care Diagnostics Spring (Every 3 Years)        
BME 59500 MRI Theory Spring        
BME 59500 Regenerative Biol/Tiss Repair Fall        
BME 59500 Principles of Tissue Engineering Spring (every other year)        
BME 59500 Electromechanical Robotic Sys Spring        
BME 68300 (69500) Polymers Pharma&Biol Systms Spring (every 2 years)        
BME 69500/ABE 69100 Quantitative Systems Biology Fall        
BME 69500 Advanced Biomechanics Spring        
BME 69500 Deep Learning Spring (2020 first time offered as 695)        
BME 69500 Frontiers In Biophotonics Spring or Fall (every 2 years)        
BME 69500/ECE 64100 Digital Image Proc II Fall        
BME 69500 Measurement Fall        
BME 69500 Cardiovascular BME & Imaging Spring (every 2 years)        
BME 69500 Numerical Methods In BME Spring         
BME 69500 Cardiovasc Engr Mod&Analysis Spring         
BME 69500 Advanced Cell and Tissue Mechanics Spring         
BME 69500 Multiscale Modeling in BME Spring