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The worlds of science, medicine, and education are changing in profound and powerful ways. Academic disciplines long held separate are finding rich opportunities for collaboration, and industry is working to translate the results into products that will revolutionize medicine and healthcare. Educating tomorrow's researchers and leaders who will make this reality requires new, innovative strategies -- and facilities.

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Biomedical engineering has always crossed the lines between traditional academic disciplines to provide new, innovative solutions to challenges in medicine. At Purdue University, biomedical engineers are crossing the lines again.

This time however, it's happening in building design, to provide an innovative, new campus environment for inter-disciplinary research and teaching. The result is a new $25 million Biomedical Engineering building, the first of its kind in Indiana, strategically located in Purdue's Discovery Park.

With the aid of a generous grant from the Whitaker Foundation, the Weldon School of Biomedical Engineering partnered with BSA LifeStructures, Inc. to develop this new, unique facility that:

  • departs from the traditional design process
  • expands and enhances the curriculum and student body of our educational programs;
  • optimizes location and connectivity
  • provides adaptability in meeting changing needs
  • provides assurance for all aspects of the teaching and research environment

We offer daily building tours. Or, take an animated tour below.





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