M.S. Thesis Degree Milestones

The following are milestones that should be used as a guide to the successful completion of a master's program (thesis option):

Prior to First Registration

  • Meet with faculty advisor and Graduate Programs Director or Graduate Programs Administrative Assistant for advice on possible courses to take in the first semester.
  • Register for courses through myPurdue.

During First Semester

  • Satisfy the English proficiency requirements and all other admission conditions (e.g., presentation of your final transcript to the graduate school and fulfill immunization requirements).
  • Select a thesis committee with input from your research advisor.
  • Hold a meeting with your thesis committee regarding research objectives and Plan of Study (POS). Be mindful of the MS curriculum requirements when planning your coursework.
  • Submit your electronic POS (ePOS) through myPurdue following POS submission instructions. You are required to submit your ePOS prior to the start of the second semester of your first year in the MS program.

Prior to Final Semester

  • Review your plan of study to ensure that all degree requirements are met.
  • Discuss your future plans with your faculty advisor and a member of the Graduate Programs Staff.
  • Review instructions on scheduling the final exam to see if you have any questions in advance of final semester.
  • Review Purdue graduation deadlines to see if you have any questions in advance of final semester.

During Final Semester

  • Follow instructions on scheduling the final exam. Note that you are required to meet with the Graduate Programs Director at least 1-2 months from proposed date of exam to discuss requirements for the exam.
  • Prior to the deadline to declare candidacy, contact the BME Graduate Programs Administrative Assistant so that he/she may register you as a graduation candidate for your final semester.