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Safety Committee

Bill Schoenlein (Chair)           765-494-1366

Asem Aboelzahab      765-494-0209

Gabriel Albors                   765-496-1827

Norvin Bruns                    765-494-9839

Kirk Foster                           765-494-7005          

Jo Gelfand                                  765-494-2996

Susan Hardy                    765-496-2476

Clarissa Hernandez        (student representative - 3rd floor)

Cindy Holderbaum          765-494-2995

Tamara Kinzer-Ursem           765-494-7330

Liesl Krause                      (student representative - basement)

Hyunsu Park                    (student representative - 2nd floor)


MJIS Building General Safety

BME Safety Policy Statement

BME Emergency Plan Summary


Medical Emergencies

Reporting Injuries

Faculty/Staff Injury Report (First Report of Injury)

Student/Visitor Injury Report (Form RM30)

"Near Miss" Report (Supervisor's Accident/Near-Miss Investigation)


MJIS Laboratory Safety

MJIS Laboratory Safety Policy

Safety Training

Safety Awareness Training is required for all new employees including faculty, staff, research associates and students. Please contact Bill Schoenlein ( or Susan Hardy ( for additional information and training dates.

Next BME safety training:  TBD

Training offered by REM:


Campus Safety Resources

Emergency Preparedness & Planning Office:

Radiological & Environmental Management (REM):

Emergency Quick Reference Guide

Emergency Procedures Guide:


Martin C. Jischke Hall of Biomedical Engineering Emergency Plan