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Scheduling the Final Examination

The requirements, structure, and administration pertaining to the Final Examination are described below:

Please note and use the proper degree titles on all forms related to the Final Exam and Thesis:

Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering
Doctor of Philosophy

It is highly recommended that you attend the "Thesis Formatting Workshop" which is presented by the Graduate School every semester (dates will be advertised by email early in the semester).

Final Exam

  1. You should become familiar with the information on this website at least 1-2 months in advance of the proposed exam date to ensure that you understand the requirements and scheduling process for the Final Exam. You should also be aware of the Graduate School's Graduation Deadlines. Feel free to consult with the BME Grad Office as needed.
  2. Once you and your Thesis Committee have agreed upon the date and time, you must schedule an appropriate room in which to hold the exam. The preferred room is MJIS 2001; use RAT (Resource Allocation Tool) from an MJIS computer to submit a reservation request online. Students located outside MJIS may email Jo Gelfand at to reserve MJIS 2001, and be sure to state the reason and your advisor's name. You are fully responsible for adhering to room use policies. At least two committee members must be physically present in the room for your exam (others may join by videoconference). Indianapolis students may hold their exams in Indianapolis if the committee approves, but the student must also reserve a conference room at Purdue West Lafayette to accommodate those attendees and make the videoconference arrangements (WebEx is suggested). If MJIS 2001 is not available on the needed date, please notify the Graduate Program Assistant at for acceptable alternative rooms.
  3. In order to officially schedule your exam, you must submit the electronic GS Form 8 via myPurdue under the Academics tab and then choose the link for requesting the examining committee. The electronic form must be submitted by you and be signed by your research advisor and Weldon BME Head at least 17 business days before the proposed exam date. In the case of co-advisors, one of them will need to sign. The exam is not officially scheduled until the Graduate School sends such notification to the BME Graduate Office.
  4. At least two weeks before your exam, you must email the following information to
    1. Your name.
    2. Title of the Thesis Research.
    3. Names of Thesis Committee members, with Major Professor designated.
    4. Date, time and place of the Final Examination.
    5. An abstract (no more than 250 words) of the thesis proposal clearly defining the problem and its significance.
  5. You should submit your written thesis for the Final Examination (follow formatting at Graduate School Thesis website) to all members of your Thesis Committee at least 2 1/2 weeks before the Final Examination. The BME Graduate Committee also highly recommends that you
    1. provide your committee members with a copy of your CV
    2. provide your committee members with copies of your publications
    3. include a final slide during the oral presentation of the final exam that lists your publications with a clear statement of the status of each (e.g., published, in print, accepted or submitted).
  6. In the packet of forms provided by the BME Graduate Office prior to your exam date, you will find copies of the BME Final Exam Evaluation Form which must be completed by the Committee Chair and returned to the BME Graduate Office within one week following the exam. Other committee members are also welcome to submit an evaluation form. The data that is collected will be used for an accreditation process, which is now required for all graduate programs by the national Higher Learning Commission (North Central Association). You will receive copies of this completed form after your exam. The form evaluates the presentation and submitted thesis document and provides limited space for directed comments on the content to improve your future research and writing skills.
  7. If you pass the Final Examination, your Thesis Committee Chair will initiate the electronic "Report of the Final Examination" form and should ensure that all fields are completed. Upon his or her submission of this form, the thesis committee members will be notified to sign the electronic "Report of the Final Examination". This should be completed as soon as possible following the exam and no later than the semester deadline to pass the final exam.
  8. When the Committee approves of the written thesis, all members must also sign the "Purdue University Graduate School Thesis Acceptance" (GS Form 9) form. As a courtesy to students, the BME Graduate Office will prepare this form using the thesis title provided on the electronic GS Form 8. If your thesis title changes after the GS Form 8 has been submitted, please inform the BME Graduate Office. Each candidate is required to type the required GS Form 32, Thesis/Dissertation Agreement, Publication Delay, and Certification/Disclaimer, as well as the ETD version of the GS Form 9, which is typed but not signed and inserted into the thesis/dissertation. See Graduate School Thesis website for detailed instructions and a list of the required forms for master's and Ph.D. The Thesis Committee may elect to sign the Form 9 immediately following the Final Examination if it does not recommend significant changes to the thesis. If changes are to be made to the thesis before deposition, committee members may elect to withhold signature on the GS Form 9 until they have the opportunity to read and approve the final version.
  9. Thesis submission to the Graduate School for both MS and PhD is electronic . Refer to the thesis deposit timelines, checklists, and formatting instructions on the Graduate School Thesis website for steps necessary to deposit the final thesis with the Graduate School. The Graduate School Thesis Formatting Office requires students to submit their thesis electronically at least 24 hours (preferably 48 hours) prior to a required appointment that you must schedule with the Graduate School Thesis Formatting Advisor (Mark Jaeger). The Graduate School Thesis Formatting Advisor will then review your electronic submission and contact you if you need to make corrections before the required in-person meeting. Each candidate will be provided a letter from the Graduate School with links to required surveys. Submission of the survey(s) is required before you will receive your thesis/dissertation deposit receipt and/or graduate. Once you've completed the required surveys and questionnaires, you must print out the completion certificates, which you will submit to the Graduate School at your thesis deposit meeting. At least 48-72 hours prior to the appointment with the Graduate School Thesis Formatting Advisor (and therefore at least 24-48 hours ahead of electronic submission), you must submit your thesis to the BME Graduate Program Assistant who also acts as the BME thesis formatting advisor (submit to You may submit this for the BME thesis formatting advisor to check formatting as early as when you give a copy to your committee prior to the Final Examination. It is also highly recommended that you attend the "Thesis Formatting Workshop" presented by the Graduate School every semester (dates will be advertised by email early in the semester).
  10. Each candidate will be provided a BME check-out form, which must be completed and signed before you leave Purdue.
  11. The necessity of a final hard copy of your thesis or dissertation to be provided to your research advisor and other committee members is left to your discretion in consultation with your the major professor. Because thesis deposit with the Graduate School is electronic, you are not required to submit a hardbound copy to BME or to the Graduate School.

If a student fails the Final Examination, at least one academic session (fall, spring or summer) must elapse before a re-examination is permitted.

*These forms are sent from the Graduate School to the BME Graduate Office prior to the Final Examination for the Chair of the Thesis Committee or the student to obtain prior to the day of the exam.