Sample Courses in the Other Related Graduate Training

This area is intentionally flexible to allow students to supplement their didactic training in the most useful way for their individual research and career interests, as decided in consultation with their mentoring committee.  See short list of courses that will not count for this area.

Example of Acceptable Courses Course Name
Any BME Course Listed for Approved Sample Courses  
Only 1 of the 4 Regulatory Courses or Biomedship Course Offered

BME 56100 Preclinicl & Clinical Stu Design
BME 56300 Reg Compliance Med Devices
BME 56200 Reg Approval of Biomed Devices
BME 59500 Biomedship (Fall 2018 Forward)

AAE 55000 Multidiscip Des Opt
AAE 64600 Elastic Wave Propaga
ABE 56000/BME 52100 Biosnrs: Fndmtls & App
ABE 58000 Proc Engr Of Ren Res
ABE 59100/BME 59500 Polymeric Biomaterials
ABE 69100/BME 69500 Quantitative Systems Biology
BME 56400 Ethical Engineering of Medical Technologies (allowed for master's only)
CHE 52500 Biochemical Engr
CHE 54000 Transport Phenomena
CHE 54300 Polym React Engr
CHE 54400 Struct & Prop Poly Mat
CHE 66800 Colloid Interfacial Ph
CHM 62000 Spectrochem Instrument
CHM 62100 Adv Analytical Chem
CHM 62400 Particle Spectroscopy
ECE 51012 Electromechanics
ECE 51100 Psychophysics
ECE 52600/BME 58100 Fund MEMS&Micr Int Sys
ECE 52800/BME 52800 Meas & Stimul Nerv Sys
ECE 53800 Digital Signal Proc I
ECE 55700 Integr Circuit Fab Lab
ECE 55900 MOS VLSI Design
ECE 56800 Embedded Systems
ECE 58000 Opt Meth For Sys & Con
ECE 59500 CMOS Analog IC Design
ECE 59500 Digital Sys Design Automation
ECE 60000 Random Variables
ECE 60200 Lumped System Theory
ECE 60400 Electromag Fld Theo
ECE 60600 Solid State Devices
ECE 60800 Comp Models & Methods
ECE 62900 Intro Neural Networks
ECE 63700 Digital Image Proc I
ECE 64100 Digital Image Proc II
ECE 64200 Info Thry & Sourc Cdng
ECE 64500 Estimation Theory
ECE 66200 Pattn Recog/Decis Proc
ECE 69500 Nanophotonics & Metamaterials
ECE 69500 System-On-Chip Design
IE 53500 Linear Programming
IE 53600 Stoch Mdels In Op Re I
IE 54500 Engr Economic Anly
IE 54900 Machine Vision in Intelligent Robotic Systems
IE 57900 Des Cont Prod Mfg Sys
IE 58000 Systems Simulation
IE 59000 Assistive Technology Practice
IE 59000 Human Factrs & Medical Devices
IE 68000 Adv Simula Des & Anlys
IE 69000 Healthcare Delivery Systems
ME 50900 Intermed Fluid Mech
ME 51300 Engineering Acoustics
ME 55700 Des For Manufacturblty
ME 55900 Micromechanics Of Mtrl
ME 57700/BME 59500 Human Motion Kinetics
ME 58000 Nonlinear Engr Systems
ME 58100 Num Mthds Mech Engr
ME 58600 Microproc Elecmech Sys
ME 58700 Engineering Optics
ME 58800 Mechatronics
ME 59700 Innovation And Problem Solving
ME 61200 Continuum Mechanics
ME 61300 Adv Engrg Acoustics
ME 66400 Vibr Continuous System
ME 68100 Finite & Boundary Elmt
ME 68700 Laser Diag React Flow
ME 69700 Micro/Nanofluidics
MSE 52700 Biomaterials
MSE 54700 Intro Surface Science
MSE 55600 Fracture Of Materials
MSE 56700 Polymer Synthesis
MSE 59700 Exp Charctrztn Adv Compt Matrl
MSE 59700 Soft Materials
MSE 59700 Sports Techn & Entrepreneurshp
MSE 64000 TEM Crystal Imperfectn
NUCL 57000 Fuzzy Approach Engr