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Phone-Based Vibrative Aquatic Application (FishTech)

This team will examine and evaluate the feasibility of application development, the application platform, vibration recreation via auxiliary and Bluetooth availability within watercraft, and portable speaker systems to produce vibrative effects to target designated aquatic species.

Sponsored Team Advisors:

  • Xing Wang


  • To provide evaluation and recommendation for phone-based (Android and IOS) application integration
  • Sound recreation with effective vibrative outcomes using existing boat speakers
  • Evaluation of ruggedized external Bluetooth speakers to create vibrations
  • Development of phone application with intended use for outdoor specialty fishing


A privately held, outdoorsman company that manufactures and sells specialty fishing products, has seen continued growth in product sales with expansion into new markets. Additional efforts are being directed toward market expansion with guide service coalitions, retail store distribution, and partnerships with outdoor professionals.

The company seeks to expand its product offerings with a phone application and speaker combination. This new product would produce similar vibrations to aquatic species through existing or additional external sound systems such as Bluetooth speakers within watercraft. This company seeks to evaluate and discover application technology and vibration creation. 


  • TBD

Meeting Times:

  • Fall 2022: Thursdays, 9:00 - 9:50 am