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AI-based Automation in the Classroom



This course is eligible for ECE Senior Design credit only.

Develop AI-based tools to automate and enhance classroom experiences.
(Example projects: Automatic attendance tracking via facial recognition, context-aware chatbots as 'virtual teaching assistants'.) Programming skills required; knowledge of python preferred. Students must complete two consecutive semesters of this project to use toward senior design requirements.

The goal of this project is to explore automation of classroom experiences by leveraging recent AI-based techniques. Sub projects include
(1) the use of  facial recognition techniques under real-world conditions to achieve automatic identification of people in a classroom (for the purpose of tracking attendance), and (2) the design and development of context-aware chatbots to assist students as a 'Virtual TA'.

Any student who is interested in participating in this team should see an advisor in the undergraduate office to register.


  1. Eligible for Senior Design
  2. Knowledge of Python is a plus

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Meeting Times:

  • Fall 2021: TBA