SURF Information for Faculty and Mentors

The SURF program aims to provide a hands-on research experience for undergraduate students that will stimulate their interest in advanced education and possibly in research careers. The program is an opportunity to attract top undergraduates to Purdue's graduate school. Whether the student is currently at Purdue or enrolled at another top U.S. institution, professors and schools/departments are encouraged to recruit qualified undergraduates for the SURF program. Once on campus for the summer, the student and the professor will have time to explore the possibility of a future academic relationship.

The summer program is an 11-week program where students participate in research activities and attend professional development seminars for approximately 40 hours a week. The professor outlines the student's research schedule and appoints a graduate student mentor for the undergraduate. 

Faculty members and students across campus may participate in the program. Non-engineering faculty members should contact their college and department about their interest in participating in the SURF program.

Please note, since students will present their research in a public forum, grants that have confidentiality restrictions are not suitable research projects for students in this program.

Again this year, SURF students will submit their research abstract to Purdue e-Pubs in the SURF Symposium section of the site. With their professor’s approval, students may also submit other project documents to the e-Pub site prior to the end of SURF, i.e. research talk or poster presentation, and the research project report.


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