CoE launches Bravo Awards

Engineering is participating in the University's new Bravo Awards program. The Engineering Bravo Awards will recognize extraordinary achievements of College of Engineering faculty and staff. Nominations will be accepted throughout the year; the deadline for the first round of nominations is May 27.

Bravo Awards recognize accomplishments in these four categories:

  • Moving the University Forward: Accomplishments or contributions that transform or advance University objectives (i.e., initiatives that improve graduation rates, development of programs to measure student academic knowledge, enhancing the academic excellence of the University, improving student affordability, etc.).
  • Operational Excellence: Extraordinary effort during times of critical department need (e.g., contribution that clearly and significantly exceeds standard job requirements and impacts the accomplishments of important and critical business operational goals and deliverables).
  • Innovation/Creativity: Innovative work or suggestions, well beyond standard job requirements, that significantly improve operational efficiencies, introduce a new or modified business practice or improve work process, workflow or customer service.
  • Fiscal Stewardship: Significant cost saving or cost avoidance realized beyond normally expected or established standards.

Award amounts

Bravo Awards provide non-recurring cash payments up to a maximum of $1,000.  The College of Engineering will give Bravo Awards in the amounts of $250, $500, $750, and $1,000 with the level determined by the scope and impact of accomplishment.

Large $750 $1,000
Small $250 or $500 $750
    Low High



To be eligible for a Bravo Award, employees must:

  • Have been employed at the University for at least one year
  • Be an active employee
  • The supervisor’s performance assessment of the employee at least meets expectations and the employee has no outstanding disciplinary actions

A complete list of eligible employee classifications is available at: Individual employees are eligible for a maximum of two Bravo Awards per fiscal year.

Nomination process

Bravo Award nominations are now being solicited for College of Engineering faculty and staff accomplishments that occurred from July 1, 2013 to present. Nominations are due to the nominated employee’s school or unit head/director by May 27.

Nominators should complete the first two sections of the Bravo Award Nomination Form to nominate deserving faculty and staff. The nomination form should include an attached document (maximum of one page) explaining the specific accomplishment for which the employee is being nominated for the award. The attached documentation should explain the accomplishment’s connection to one of the four relevant award categories. The documentation should also include details about the accomplishment’s scope (small to large scale) and impact (low to high scale) as well as a recommended award amount.

Once the nominator has completed their portion of the Nomination Form, it should be forwarded to the nominee’s unit Head/Director by no later than May 27. In June, nominators, supervisors, and school or unit Heads/Directors will be notified of award approvals in addition to the employee being recognized. College of Engineering award winners will be publicly announced through college-wide communications.  If you have questions regarding the College of Engineering’s Bravo Award program, please contact Will Sondgerath (staff Bravo Awards) or Klod Kokini (faculty Bravo Awards).

Nominations will be accepted on a rolling basis with periodic reminders to nominate deserving faculty and staff. Award approvals will occur, at a minimum, on a quarterly basis.