Nanoscience Expo

Event Date: April 14, 2023
Hosted By: Birck Nanotechnology Center
Location: Birck Nanotechnology Center
Open To: Local high school students and their teachers
Priority: No
School or Program: Other Engineering
College Calendar: Show

Local high school students and their teachers will have an immersive 3-hour experience at our center in which they:

  • Take a tour around one of the largest academic clean rooms in the world, led by our own undergraduate and graduate nanoscience researchers
  • Use tabletop electron microscopes to study materials, from hair and N95 masks to advanced nano-structures made here at Birck
  • See nanotechnology’s impact in healthcare and the environment
  • Hear short TED-style talks on current topics like
    • the global semiconductor chip supply
    • opportunities in the local semiconductor workforce
    • quantum computers and the “quantum revolution”

This one day event is a pilot (50-100 visitors) for a larger event in the Fall of 2023 (over 500 visitors).